Supermarket Video Advertising and Digital Signage

Reach your potential customers at every demographic. Show ads at checkout, retail departments, product aisles & more. Over 1,500 shoppers can see your advertising every day in each location.
  • Low Investment High Return
  • Engaging Motion Graphics
  • Precise Targeting
  • Entertaining
  • Forced Exposure

Our digital displays are strategically placed at checkout counters, product aisles and deli counters  which are heavily trafficked areas allowing for the maximum exposure of your message to your audience. The innovative, LED HD displays attract attention through rich dynamic motion graphics.

We will design and create your motion graphic advertisement and place it on our massive HD display with a 3:00 minute loop that both engages and entertains your prospective customers while delivering branding for your business and repetition of your message.

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Supermarket Location