About Us

Locad is a modern and creative media agency which helps any business become more profitable by utilizing unique advertising platforms created, perfected and managed by us. The platforms and methods we created are focused on providing maximum efficiency and productivity for every client.

Our main platform includes advertising within supermarkets across the New York area which can currently get your business a minimum of 6.5 Million views a month. Since this platform is growing the amount of views will increase every month as we expand to bring you more locations to market your business.

Our skilled media designers with over 20 years of production experience can make your brand and commercial stand out among the rest and have your brand receive the most out of every advertisement. The team also consists of members with expertise in marketing, strategic planning and finance in such markets as the U.S., U.K., India, China and Eastern Europe. The groups global understanding of marketing and technology brings the most unique, efficient and productive tools to markets in the U.S.